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Updated: Apr 21, 2018

Living the simple life based in the Waikato region of Aotearoa NZ. We're a mixed bag our lot with a High School Jnr Chef, an aspiring Industrial Designer, a Creative studying Aromatherapy and an Enviro guy.

Our journey with natural remedies started a long time ago. Our oldest Jasiah was only six months old. He suffered from severe Eczema to the point where it looked like he had fresh burns. Yes we got the stares and yes we got the awkward silence but very rarely did anyone ever ask what was wrong and when someone had something to say it was genuine concern.

We'd only ever encountered one negative experience where we told that we should be ashamed of ourselves, but it only took that one negative experience to make us want to avoid going out in public places and just stay home.

We know there are plenty of parents out there who can relate, we tried everything and what we'd tried just wasn't effective enough, we tried the locoid, the aqueous endless trips back and forth sitting in a the medical waiting room. You feel helpless when your child is crying non stop because of the pain and discomfort they are going through and all you want to do is make it stop. It was hard seeing him suffer. His skin was constantly raw he was prone to infections, always itchy and at times he would just be inconsolable.

Lee has a background in Plant Biology so we decided to try a natural approach and took him to a practitioner. We were desperate to find a natural alternative that would help and hand on heart it was the best thing that we could have done for our boy. Through this process he was assessed and had his allergy test done to help identify what his trigger/s whether it be environmental, stress, genetics, allergies. We were also told to eliminate certain foods and through this process we were able to identify what his trigger is which was 'Dairy' so that meant we had to eliminate all dairy from his diet as well as exposure to any synthetics in our home i.e from his food, clothing to things like his washing powder and soaps, etc.

We were then given a course of rongoā (medicine) which was to help flush out all the toxins and were told he was going to get worse before he got better. Jeepers and that he did. His skin did continuously weep, he was red and had rash all over. He was so irritated and yes we had to put socks on his hands to stop him from itching and making his open skin worse.

After the first course we went back we were given another course and this is when we started to notice change. His skin began to heal significantly and after all the nasties were out of his system we witnessed a huge difference his skin began to clear and by the third course his skin had cleared completely no rash, no open skin, absolutely nothing. I'll have to find a photo of when he was a pēpi so you could see what he looked like.

We're relieved to say that Jasiah has never had Eczema that bad ever since and he is 19 now. Yes he does get the odd flare up every now and then as there are times where he is exposed to things (especially when eating out) that are beyond his control but there were times as a teenager where he has admitted it was self inflicted #weakness #chocolatemilkshake

What's reassuring is that if he does flare up he knows how what to do and how to deal with it. Unfortunately there is no actual cure for Eczema but there are ways to help with flare ups, itchiness, dry skin and this is where Lee's expertise became a blessing for our son. During Lee's studies he focused on native plants so he made Jasiah some rongoā and would apply Kawakawa & Mānuka to Jasiah's body. We'd bathe him in the oils as well and this would help soothe any itch and repair his skin and yes we've always had great results. We'd share with friends and family and anyone who would ask and long story short eighteen odd years later + a little fundraiser along the way (which we'll talk about later) here we are with NOA and it's been an awesome journey so far.

We've always been asked for recommendations but you honestly have to find something that suits you. We'd encourage you to find yourself a natural health practitioner/professional and have ALL your allergy tests done so that you know what the cause is and the best way to treat and alleviate it if/when need be.