Your kawakawa sunscreen is such a beautiful product. Feels lovely on the skin, smells delicious, and provides protection from the sun. I’m looking forward to trying more of your products. Thank you

Renee Van Der Heijden reviewed NOA Essentials 

If you are into Natural products that are great for your skin then you will love the NOA products. I have used these personally and love every single one of them. I had an allergic reaction to two different types of sunblock last year that gave me a horrible rash on my face.. (I think it couldve been hives). So I stopped using sunblock all together which obviously I used to get badly burnt. I decided to give the NOA sunblock a go and I swear by it, no reaction no nothing. Amazing!! I'm also in love with the kawakawa balms and the oils and scrubs okay yes everything!!  - Alana McDonald reviewed NOA Essentials 



We met at the Coatesville Markets in Auckland just this last weekend. And we’re given the Kawakawa & Mānuka repair cream. Our 18month recently got sick with hand, foot and mouth and the only thing that would soothe him was this cream. We’ve been using it everyday throughout the day and he had shown visible signs of improvement and comfort. Thank you so much!! We will definitely be buying more for our next little boy due in 6 weeks. Beautiful family business.

-  Elizabeth Frost reviewed NOA Essentials 

I’ve tried all sorts of sunscreens and at best, my skin will tolerate it for a few days but soon develops clogged pores and acne. It’s just something I came to accept as part of protecting my skin. But that’s not the case with your Tamanu & Kawakawa Sunscreen. Not only does my skin remain clear and uncongested, it actually feels better — smoother and not as dry as it usually is.

I have recurrent tendinitis in my knees, that is sometimes aggravated with intense bursts of activity. As an avid mountain biker, this happens fairly frequently. Other arnica creams and tablets haven’t helped much but your Organic Muscle Rub has. Using it twice a day has alleviated the pain and kept it away. It’s kind of unbelievable to me, but the results are undeniable! Thank you for making such fantastic creams and balms at such reasonable prices. You have a customer for life!

Grace Chua reviewed NOA Essentials 

Our son has suffered through severe bouts of eczema on his face, hands, back of the neck and legs. Tried so many products and your Kawakawa balm has helped his skin. Face and neck is so much clearer and hands are no longer red raw. Such a relief to see results, as parents who have tried it all we are so grateful. We feel good too knowing ingredients are all natural and Our son says it smells nummy too. Highly recommend

- Jazz Clark reviewed NOA Essentials

Love your kawa kawa sunscreen. Beautiful product that's not greasy and has a delightful scent. Thanks for making great products.

Madeleine Saxton reviewed NOA Essentials 

I've used this sunscreen for several weeks now and love it. It was a particularly hot today at the beach and you can clearly see on my 2 year olds arm where I missed a spot. Easy to apply, non sticky and easy to wash off.

Faith Hardy reviewed NOA Essentials 

Amazing products, I’ve used the sunscreen, organic muscle rub and kawakawa balm, you can tell you’re putting goodness on your skin, try it yourself Carol Marsh reviewed NOA Essentials 

Had such a sore elbow for weeks now tried everything possible. Organic Muscle Rub is FANTASTIC!! Literally the only thing that has taken the pain away. Felt better within no time at all.  What awesome service and awesome product. Will definitely be trying other products from this range. Fee Prewer reviewed NOA Essentials 

Purchased some scrub at the Rotorua Farmers Market in Oct.... HEAVEN!!!!! Will be buying more asap

Jena Maree reviewed NOA Essentials 

Tatau oil has been the best product I have ever used on a new tattoo. Really brought it through the healing and kept it's inks intact making it still have a great visual as if freshly inked still.  Love this product and recommend over bepanthen, pawpaw, and other usual healing products as requested to use. December is my Taamoko dates so no doubt will be ordering very soon.  Mauri Tū, Mauri Roa, Mauriorangatanga.

LukeTavita Rangi-Sao reviewed NOA Essentials 

Absolutely love the Coconut sugar scrub! We purchased this the other week and I use it daily also thanks soo much for the Kawakawa balm. Its so good for my husbands rough hardworking hands. Best thing I love about the products is that they are organic and made in NZ!!!!

Nina Togiaheulu reviewed NOA Essentials 

I absolutely love my Kawakawa balm and Sugar rub. I've yet to try the other awesome products which I'm sure I'll love too. Definitely recommend ordering the Kawakawa balm and the coconut sugar rub. I had bad eczema but using the balm has stopped it completely I love it. The Coconut sugar rub is great on the face but can be used for the whole body just ask my son Russell who uses it all the time lol will recommend to all my friends and families

Martha Togiaheulu reviewed NOA Essentials 

I brought the balm, and its amazing! My sons skin is clear

 Desiree Kahu Hunt reviewed NOA Essentials 

Awesome kawakawa products worked on my babies skin perfectly. Thank you.

- Donnah Marleigh reviewed NOA Essentials