Based in the Waikato region of Aotearoa, New Zealand NOA began because of our love of all things natural.  Severe eczema and other allergies meant we were always careful about what we put in our bodies and onto our skin.  Having been immersed amongst our beautiful natives from a young age it was only natural for us to gravitate towards alternative healing. 


NOA Essentials was created to help nourish, protect and repair our skin the natural way.  With a big helping hand from Mother nature we've grown many of our plants and infused this with some of our natives in Aotearoa and  the Pasifika.   

We gather our Rongoā here in the Waikato and carefully handcraft our product, sustainably sourcing only natural and organic ingredients to create native goodness that is safe for you and our environment.  We then package NOA Essentials in recyclable and re-useable glass jars for you to enjoy.  

Naturally there many things we would like to do.  We're taking it one day at a time so that we can evolve and grow organically.